NSW Training Awards Ambassadors visit the Far West

NSW Training Awards Ambassadors visit Broken Hill to engage with students and explore their career aspirations.

NSW Training Awards Ambassadors embarked on a collaborative effort with the Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) program, facilitated by Regional Development Australia, to engage with students and explore their career aspirations. Their journey led them to Broken Hill, where they dedicated three days to on-the-ground activities. This included active participation in the Far West Careers Expo, generously funded by RIEP, as part of the broader effort to support and guide students in their career pursuits."

Over the course of the trip, a series of engagements in the region began reshaping student perspectives and laying the groundwork for enriched vocational education and training (VET) opportunities.

VET Ambassadors visit Broken Hill

Flying in to Broken Hill on Tuesday 15 August, ambassadors, Mark Doughty, Jordon Peterson, and Mellanie Sutton, headed straight to Willyama High School to speak to Year 10 students about what VET is, the pathways available to the students and the future career opportunities it can provide.

The following day, they attended the Far West Careers Expo, bringing together approximately 40 vendors and welcoming an impressive tally of around 500 students throughout the day.

What set this expo apart was its diverse attendees – students from local high schools in Broken Hill, including Willyama High School, Broken Hill High School and Wilcannia Central School alongside local employers and trainers with a multitude of opportunities ready to roll.

To conclude the trip, a visit to Menindee Central School was in order. With an early start, the team hit the road to visit Stage 5 students who had gathered to have extensive one-on-one sessions with the ambassadors. Conversations delved into career trajectories, training experiences, and the student's own aspirations. This engagement notably highlighted the several School-Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) students.

The trip to the Far West region of NSW left lasting impressions on the students, community and the NSW Training Awards Ambassadors alike!

Jordan Peterson's mechanical acumen took center stage as he discussed the vast heavy-vehicle industry in Broken Hill and its surroundings.

Mellanie Sutton's empathetic connection resonated with students who felt uncertain about their paths, reinforcing that passion-driven fields are always attainable.

Mark Doughty's enthusiasm for sprinkler systems brought unexpected enlightenment to students residing on expansive properties, revealing the intricacies of agriculture and irrigation.

Throughout the trip, the NSW Training Awards Ambassadors displayed unwavering dedication, seamlessly transitioning from one engagement to the next, taking the time to spark up conversations with everyone they came across.

The Far West Region's encounter with the NSW Training Awards Ambassadors was made possible by the Senior RIEP Project Officer in the region.

The commitment demonstrated by RIEP Officers exemplifies their role in nurturing enduring connections between students, high schools, industries, and local businesses.

Through engaging events, insightful conversations, and dedicated facilitators, this endeavor not only ignited aspirations in students but also paved the way for local industry connections with youth and overall industry growth.

This trip demonstrated the power of collaboration between RIEP, Regional Development Australia, and the NSW Training Awards Ambassadors in transforming the career outlook for students in the Far West Region.

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