VET Ambassadors trip to Lightning Ridge

The Educational Pathways VET Ambassadors are lighting up the path to success for remote students!

Educational Pathways Program VET Ambassadors trip to Lightning Ridge

The Educational Pathways VET Ambassadors are lighting up the path to success for remote students! These ambassadors are not just sharing stories – they're igniting aspirations.

In a transformative initiative within the Educational Pathways Program, four VET Ambassadors from different NSW locations – Lachlan Butler, Jordon Peterson, Tarnisha Winsor, and Sophia DeVries embarked on an inspiring journey to the states north-west.

Lightning Ridge Central School was abuzz with excitement as these former NSW Training Award recipients engaged with eager students earlier in the year. But the influence reached even further, with students from Walgett Community College and Collarenebri Central School making the journey to join the event.

The ambassadors are not only great role models but also examples of success in action. They candidly talked about their personal experiences of transitioning from VET to their respective fields and achieving prosperous careers.

Sophia has contagious enthusiasm as she shares her commitment to remote communities: "I can't wait to dive back into these communities and uplift these students," she beamed.

Lachlan, reflecting on the Lightning Ridge visit, expressed the privilege of addressing regional skills shortages and making a genuine impact. "We aimed to make a difference where pathways are limited, and I believe we truly succeeded!"

These ambassadors extended their conversations beyond the classroom as well, engaging with local employers, the Lightning Ridge Local Aboriginal Land Council, and NSW AECG.

Lightning Ridge Central School Principal, Richard Finter, hailed the ambassadors as true role models, highlighting the importance of face-to-face learning in rural and remote areas.

Alongside this session, students also participated in TAFE NSW experience workshops. These hands-on sessions provided a glimpse into vocational training opportunities and showcased the diverse career paths awaiting them.

TAFE NSW Chief Delivery Officer Janet Schorer praised the Educational Pathways Program, linking school students to vocational education.

"TAFE NSW is thrilled to unveil the array of vocational education and training pathways and their rewarding prospects."

The Ambassadors were also invited to visit Moree Secondary College and Mungindi Central School.

Head Teacher Careers for the Moree group of the Educational Pathways Program, Rachael Shearer, said the visit had resonated with students.

“Telling their stories about how they overcame barriers and found success through their unique pathways is priceless,” she said.

The ambassadors, all coming from regional backgrounds, injected real-world relevance into the session and through these conversations, students were able to discover that university isn't the sole path to success.

This trip to North West NSW was the first of its kind for the Educational Pathways VET Ambassadors, but it won’t be the last, with the VET Ambassadors and program team working hard to continue connecting with Regional, Rural and Remote schools across the state long-term.

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