VET Ambassadors at Ulladulla HS

VET ambassadors speak at Parent and Career Expo about the diversity of pathways available to students.

Group photo of 5 VET ambassadors with 2 staff members of Ulladulla High School Group photo of 5 VET ambassadors with 2 staff members of Ulladulla High School

On May 5th, Ulladulla High School welcomed a group of inspiring Vocational Education and Training (VET) Ambassadors from the Educational Pathways Program (EPP). VET Ambassadors, Mellanie Sutton, Stella Cox, Tahli Gleeson, Mark Doughty, and Oswald Herrmann, arrived on campus for the inaugural Parent and Career Expo. The VET Ambassadors got to engage with all of the students from the school, with a special session for the Year 10s who were about to make crucial subject selection choices.

The day focussed on providing valuable insights into various VET pathways and potential career opportunities on offer; giving the students tangible, actionable options that they could undertake while still in high school! The visit informed, educated and inspired the students about the diversity of pathways that are available.

Deputy Principal of Ulladulla High School, Anita Barry, shares, “The Educational Pathways Program is very beneficial for our students because it gives them a real connection to real life experience”.

The VET Ambassadors shared their personal journeys and experiences, shedding light on the various industries and career paths that VET courses can lead to. By highlighting the real-world applications of vocational education, the ambassadors inspired students to consider these pathways for their own futures.

Video of the VET ambassadors visit to Ulladalla Parent and Career Expo

Each ambassador hails from diverse industry backgrounds, offering a relatable perspective for the students. These personal anecdotes served to motivate and inspire the students, proving that VET can lead to an fulfilling and successful career. Through this, students had the opportunity to witness practical applications of various skills, sparking their interest and curiosity in the world of VET.

Through the session, the students were able to gain a clearer understanding of the different VET pathways available to them, and many Year 10 students felt more confident in their subject selections and future career options.

Ulladulla High School student, Arkie, expresses, “We all heard from the ambassadors today in this room and the most impressive thing was…seeing them be able to do it! It makes it all (especially subject selections) easier.”

The Education Pathways Program VET Ambassadors visit to Ulladulla High School proved to be an enriching and inspiring experience for the students. By sharing their journeys, providing career insights, and offering practical guidance, the ambassadors motivated the students to explore VET with newfound enthusiasm.

Stay tuned for more success stories and new faces representing what VET can do in NSW.

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