The future of agriculture

RIEP and Humans of Agriculture collaboration gives students an insight into the agriculture industry.

Students from schools in Western NSW who participated in the Future of Agriculture workshops. Students from schools in Western NSW who participated in the Future of Agriculture workshops.
Image: Students from schools in Western NSW who participated in the Future of Agriculture workshops.

The Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) program, in collaboration with Humans of Agriculture, inspired students from Western NSW to consider a career in the agriculture industry.

RIEP focuses on connecting employers from various industries with schools to create a lasting impact on young people. By partnering with Humans of Agriculture, an online platform dedicated to sharing engaging content and stories related to food systems, RIEP delivered interactive workshops and case studies to challenge students' perceptions of traditional farming roles and connect them with meaningful career opportunities in their local community.

Connecting Young People to the Agriculture Industry

The initiative involved sixty students from schools in Western NSW, who participated in two interactive workshops. During these workshops, students had the opportunity to engage with the Humans of Agriculture team and ask questions about agriculture topics. The questions posed by the students were then used to develop a series of case studies starring local agricultural employers aimed to further engage students into the industry.

For the case studies, both RIEP & Humans of Agriculture collaborated with five prominent agricultural businesses in the region including: Little Big Dairy Co, Fletcher International Exports – Grain Division, Ben Furney Flour Mills, Hutcheon and Pearce - Dubbo and Australian Food and Fibre. These businesses, with exciting training and employment opportunities for young people, provided insights to give students a better understanding of the agriculture industry as a whole and the opportunities available.

Meet the participating agricultural businesses

The collaboration between RIEP and Humans of Agriculture through interactive workshops, case studies, and the added reach of Humans of Agriculture's social media presence, was able to effectively challenge traditional agriculture stereotypes and connect students with local employers.

The success of this initiative highlights RIEP and the catered approach they provide, to create innovative approaches that effectively showcase career opportunities to students.

The RIEP program supports employers of all sizes and across all industries in connecting with schools to create lasting impacts through vocational pathways.

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