Salesforce, introducing students to the tech industry

Salesforce and Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) collaboration gives students' insights into technology careers.

Salesforce teamed up with RIEP (Regional Industry Education Partnerships) to give students from all around NSW (including remote areas) insight into the incredible opportunities the tech industry can offer!

During the Careers of Tomorrow webinar, hundreds of students tuned in remotely to hear from technology industry experts, including Salesforce, about careers in technology. Students then had the opportunity to participate in the Future Ready Fest, an innovative one-day virtual work experience with Salesforce for up to 1,000 NSW high school students.

Salesforce introducing students to the tech industry

Students participated in professional development sessions, including interview preparation, design thinking, project management and more. Students who took part in the Future Ready Fest also had the opportunity to apply for a week of work experience within the Salesforce offices. Over the course of the week, the students worked on real projects with the Salesforce team, attended team meetings and got the chance to understand what it really means to be part of the Salesforce team.

This collaboration between RIEP and Salesforce has already resulted in some great outcomes; 718 students learnt about careers in tech through the Careers of Tomorrow webinar and 1631 students participated in virtual work experience as part of the Future Ready Fest.

To learn more, visit the Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) - connecting employers with schools web page.

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