Oswald Hermann is keen to inspire others through VET

VET provides the working parts of an exciting career for Oswald Herrmann

“This pathway was a choice of mine because, being from a farming background and always on the tools, I was enthused by fixing and creating. This trade makes every day a new learning experience with a great variety coming through the door.”

Undertaking a Certificate III of Engineering – Mechanical Trade with Educational Living, Oswald realised the scope of opportunity that a career in Engineering could provide. Oswald used his background with metalwork, and the one-on-one training with his educator at Educational Living to excel as an apprentice.

“Having 1 on 1 with Edward allowed more attention to detail and understanding of my trade. Many hours after work studying and one day a fortnight of class sure paid off, resulting in a high final exam score of 100%. Learning about the physics of systems and different techniques made me aware with all the work I take on, making my decisions more informed and practiced.”

Completing the practical component of his apprenticeship with employer Collier & Miller, Oswald was exposed to a wide variety of situations, making him a more versatile Engineer. Oswald was so highly regarded by his employer and committed to excellence during his studies, he completed his apprenticeship early. Engineering Manager at Collier & Miller, Paul Giovinazzo was more than impressed by Oswald.

“Oswals [sic] completed his apprenticeship early, as he exceled in all training and tasks given to him. Whilst in his fourth year, Oswald showed true leadership by mentoring, guiding and encouraging younger staff members. He is well liked and respected by all his co-workers. Oswald received 100% in his final craft exam, which his trainer had never seen before.”

A natural leader and team player, Oswald used his experience as a senior AFL player to inspire comradery and teamwork in his younger colleagues and encouraged communication as a way of improving safety and productivity.

“Communicating in our workshop environment is the best way to learn. Speaking to more mature workmates when I first started my trade evolved me into better relationships with them and others. As I’ve seen in the past 2 years, I’m being more of that role model, on the floor with the tools and as well in our morning meetings every day.”

Now at the beginning of his career as a qualified Engineer with a wealth of opportunity awaiting him, Oswald is keen to inspire others into higher education through VET.

“Having a role model or someone who can express their passion with the aim to motivate others is needed to keep interests in the working community. This pathway in engineering has many roles and variety of work, giving individuals options and communities business.”

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