Entrepreneurial learning takes centre stage in NSW public schools

iEntrepreneur resource kit and Teachers' Innovation Challenge fostering innovation in schools.

The Teachers Innovation Challenge The Teachers Innovation Challenge

Public secondary schools are embracing the power of entrepreneurial learning, thanks to the pioneering efforts of the NSW Department of Education. In a bid to foster a culture of innovation and equip students with essential skills for the future, the department has developed the iEntrepreneur resource kit, carefully designed to engage learners from across the state including rural, regional, and remote schools. This comprehensive kit includes meticulously crafted lesson plans for teachers, engaging e-learning modules, and informative worksheets for students. The iEntrepreneur resource offers students the opportunity to explore the entrepreneurial mindset, understand career pathways, and develop transferrable skills, with the resources aligning with curriculum and ensuring seamless integration into existing educational frameworks.

Recognising the significance of this initiative, Investment NSW contributed funds, event locations, and industry connections to support the development of teachers' capabilities in delivering entrepreneurial learning. This collaboration aims to nurture networks, mentorship, skills, and business opportunities.

To ensure the effectiveness of the iEntrepreneur resource kit, the Teachers' Innovation Challenge was introduced. This challenge serves as a testing ground for teachers to trial the resource, embed the entrepreneurial mindset in their teaching practice, and integrate it into their Key Learning Areas (KLAs). The primary objective is to generate ideas for new and improved teaching pedagogy and student experiences.

The Teachers Innovation Challenge symposium The Teachers Innovation Challenge symposium

A symposium, specifically designed for teachers, provides a platform for participants to present the outcomes of their challenge. This exchange of ideas and experiences enriches the collective knowledge base and enables educators to learn from one another, fostering professional growth.

The Teachers' Innovation Challenge had over 56 teachers and guests from secondary schools across NSW participate providing exemplary examples, generating fresh ideas for creating transformative student experiences and the implementation of the program be it as a whole school approach, classroom integration, or via group activities.

Participating teachers benefited from the deep knowledge of entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving imparted by the Sydney Startup Hub, an online community platform that connects NSW startups and the broader NSW innovation ecosystem community.

The workshops provided an in-depth exploration of the iEntrepreneur resource, delving into the e-learning modules, lesson plans, and student worksheets. The symposium offered a valuable platform for teachers to showcase their schools' achievements and share how the iEntrepreneur resource was successfully implemented.

With entrepreneurial learning gaining momentum in NSW public schools, the iEntrepreneur resource kit and the Teachers' Innovation Challenge is driving positive change in the education landscape, nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset, fostering innovation, and preparing students for the challenges of the future.

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