2023 NSW Training Awards finalists announced

Get ready for the state ceremony!

A crowd of people looking at the stage, which has the words Be Recognised in lights. A crowd of people looking at the stage, which has the words Be Recognised in lights.

The 68th NSW Training Awards is taking place at the Sydney Town Hall on Friday, 15th September! The NSW Training Awards plays a crucial role in recognising individuals, employers, and Registered Training Organisations in the Vocational Education & Training (VET) sector.

With the awards approaching and our state finalists announced, we eagerly look forward to celebrating their valuable contributions to VET and their journey's thus far! Discover all the finalists.

The Regional Winners were announced in June at the respective regional events, then were invited to an state interview in July to further determine our state finalists!

The NSW winners of the 12 main award categories out of the 40 finalists will be announced during the prestigious event in Sydney. Those who are named as winners in their respective individual categories will have the honour of representing NSW at the esteemed Australian Training Awards in Hobart this November.

The NSW Training Awards are conducted annually by Training Services NSW within the NSW Department of Education, One of the aims of the awards is to discover Vocational Education and Training Ambassadors.

Our current winners, Lachlan Butler, Mellanie Sutton, Tahli Gleeson, Jade Barrington, Casey Fox, Clint Giddings, Stella Coxwill be accompanied by Educational Pathways Program VET Ambassadors on the awards night

Take a look at our awesome highlight reel from last year's NSW Training Awards event! It's sure to get you pumped up for this year's celebration.

Video highlights from the 2022 NSW Training Awards event (duration 2:34)

The 2022 NSW Training Awards event showreel

[Music sequence of scenes of people talking, no dialogue, at Town Hall]

Welcome to the 2022 Training Awards for New South Wales.

[Choral singing]

They say, if your dreams doesn't scare you, It's not big enough. Well, I'm terrified and I blame the training awards team for that.

[Sequence of people receiving awards, no dialogue]

This year ahead is really filled with so many possibilities. Keep your eyes open, gives you keep your ears open, keep heart open. The possibilities to grow as a person, upskill, and the ability to inspire others with your story. And I can guarantee you your story is worth telling.

[Sequence of quick edits of multiple announcements for 'The winner is-']

The winner of the 2022 New South Wales Apprentice of the Year is Lachlan Butler.

Tonight it's like such a huge event and this is where I am and I started as an apprentice. Yeah.

[end of transcript]

Joining in the celebration of the NSW Training Awards provides an opportunity to appreciate the dedication and passion of those involved in the VET sector. By recognising their efforts, we demonstrate the importance of VET and its impact on the development and prosperity of NSW.

Congratulations to all the awardees, and let's celebrate everyone who makes VET so special!

Tickets to the 2023 NSW Training Awards event are now on sale!

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