Professor Paul Chandler

Image: Professor Paul Chandler, Honorary Professor UNSW

Professor Chandler completed his PhD at UNSW in 1993. He was awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Fellowship (UNSW) for work into human cognition and learning, before becoming one of the Faculty’s most popular lecturers.

His two undergraduate courses were the two most highly ranked in the Faculty. Paul went on to serve two terms as Head of the School of Education at UNSW. He remains one of the most highly cited educational researchers in Australia and his research is widely utilised worldwide. Professor Chandler was also recognised as one of the top ten Australian scientists by the ARC.

He joined the University of Wollongong (UOW) as Dean of Education in 2007, completing two terms as Dean. As the intellectual vision behind the $44 million Early Start Project, he moved into the role of Executive Director of Early Start throughout the planning stages until the project was formally established. He remains the Foundation Chair of Early Start and was recently inducted as “Uncle in Residence” at Woolyungah Indigenous Centre, UOW. Professor Chandler was appointed Pro-Vice Chancellor (Inclusion and Outreach) at UOW, where he spearheaded their Inaugural Aboriginal Strategy.

He retired from UOW in 2020 and moved into semi-retirement at UNSW. He has recently taken on the role of Special Advisor: Social Impact for Steelcase International in addition to his research, which examines the psychological effects on bushfires on children and the effect of PFAS contamination on cultural practices at Wreck Bay. He is currently an investigator with the $300 million ARC Digital Child project and sits on their Advisory Board.

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