Suspending my training contract

Suspension is a means of placing your apprenticeship or traineeship 'on hold' temporarily.

You may consider suspending your training contact if:

  • you are sick or hospitalised for a while
  • you are a participant in a big sporting event
  • the company is closing temporarily
  • there is a seasonal lack of work.

Reach an agreement with your employer

You and your employer should both agree that:

  • your training contract can be suspended by mutual agreement between you and your employer.
  • you cannot be forced to suspend your training contract with your employer.
  • you cannot simply cease work temporarily without the consent of your employer.

Get advice first

Before doing anything, or agreeing to any change to your training contract contact your Australian Apprenticeship contact.

How to organise a suspension

If you want to suspend your training contract and your employer does not agree contact your local Training Services NSW office on 13 28 11.


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