Changes to Certificate of Proficiency application due to COVID-19

Important information for applicants for Certificate of Proficiency during COVID-19. Learn how to lodge your application.

Editing, correcting paper with red highlighter. Editing, correcting paper with red highlighter.

Lodgement of applications has changed

We have limitations on receiving applications directly from applicants at offices of Training Services and through the post during this health emergency.

From August 2020 we will no longer have facility to accept applications or applications fees by mail.

Nevertheless, we will still be able to accept applications that have been scanned and lodged by email to:

Please ensure all primary information to support the application is attached to the email.

Email application checklist

  • A copy of the completed application for a Certificate of Proficiency (VT 100)
  • A copy of the completed Australian qualification for which you are seeking a Certificate of Proficiency
  • A copy of the transcript or record of results relating to your Australian qualification
  • If your Australian qualification was gained through prior training, a copy of documentation demonstrating how you developed your trade skills and knowledge
  • Evidence of you demonstrating trade skills in employment of at least 3 years duration (12 months of which should be in Australia), in the trade you are seeking the Certificate of Proficiency for. Refer to front page of VT100 application form for examples.

Application process for a Certificate of Proficiency

The application process continues to remain unchanged. Only lodgement has changed.

You'll still need to download the Certificate of Proficiency application form. Read the instructions on the front page of the application form to determine whether you meet application eligibility and whether you have all information requirements. More information can be found in the Certificate of Proficiency Guidelines.

Application fees

From 23 March to 31 July 2020, application fees were being waived for applications. However, the receipt of application fees will resume in August 2020. An application fee of $200 will then apply. Applicants will be contacted after lodging their applications to arrange payment of this fee over the phone.

Why have we made changes to lodgement?

The COVID-19 pandemic in NSW is a rapidly changing situation. During this health emergency the direct lodgement of applications by individuals at offices of Training Services NSW may now pose a risk to public health.

From Monday 23 March 2020, staff of Training Services NSW have been requested to re-design our work, to:

  • Enable staff to work remotely from home
  • To minimise unnecessary person to person contact.

We will endeavour to continue to provide this service with some limitations while we are in this difficult situation. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation.

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