Application process

Applications for Year 7 entry to a selective high school are completed online.


All applicants must complete the following steps to apply for Year 7 entry to a NSW selective high school. Read the Year 7 entry to selective high schools information about applying (PDF 1.72MB) carefully prior to submitting an application. This document will be updated for entry in 2019.

  1. Go to the selective high school placement application online – available from 10 October 2017 to 13 November 2017 for entry in 2019 and follow the instructions for registration.
    1. Parents must register prior to applying by providing a valid email address – do not use a student's email address.
    2. You will receive an email with your password for the online application.
  2. Return to the application and log in using your email address and password.
  3. If you lose the password, go to Login and enter your email address and click on 'Forgotten password' to get a new email. Earlier passwords will be cancelled.
  4. Complete your contact details. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed prior to proceeding to the next page by selecting 'Next'. To return to the previous page click the 'Previous' button.
  5. Enter any information about special test provision if required.
  6. When your contact details are complete, click the 'Next' button.
  7. Follow the steps on each page to complete the placement application.
  8. To leave the application before it is finished select 'Log off' and close your browser. You will need to log in again when you return.
  9. When you have completed your application click 'Submit'. Make a note of the student application number shown on the screen.

No further action is required unless you are supplying other documents such as court orders or information about medical or behavioural conditions or disabilities for special provisions for the Selective High School Placement Test..

Use the internet at a public library if you do not have access at home. In 'contact details'  select 'by mail only' for future communication to be sent by post. Note – email confirmation of submitted applications is automatically generated.

Contact the high performing students unit for assistance if you have a disability that prevents you from using a computer.

Changes cannot be made to application details online once submitted. Any changes must be provided to the High Performing Students Unit in writing.

Applicants can choose up to three selective high schools. Choose the selective high schools and the order of schools carefully. You can change choices up to the end of April/early May each year. Changes of school choice cannot normally be made after outcomes are released. After the outcome is released you cannot change the school choice on the basis that the student could have qualified for a different school.

Add to your email contacts to ensure you receive correspondence from the high performing students unit. Also check your spam or junk folder regularly in case your email provider sent the emails there.


After submitting your application you will receive a confirmation email with:

  • a copy of the application including a student application number – include this number on all communication
  • an 'attachments cover sheet' if additional documentation is required
  • a 'Part B - school section' for non-government school principals to complete and provide school assessment scores.

Check the application details carefully. Email the High Performing Students Unit if there are any errors. Never complete a further application for the same student.

Additional documents

If any of the following apply to your child, and if you have not already done so, you need to send copies of the following supporting documents to the Unit:

  • information about a disability, medical condition or behavioural disorder. If you believe your child needs special test provisions you will need to provide diagnostic evidence
  • copy of court orders if they relate to this child’s education
  • explanation of why the child is older or younger than the usual age range (1/1/2005 – 1/8/2006 for entry in 2018) or not in Year 5 when applying.
  • for interstate/overseas students – full WISC IV IQ report and standardised reading and mathematics test results required as part of a Report of academic merit.

School assessment scores

Public schools provide school assessment scores for applicants to the Unit as long as:

  • the parent applied before the closing date
  • the student has been at the school long enough to be assessed.

The results of the Selective High Schools Placement Test will be used to determine academic merit if school assessment scores from a NSW school cannot be provided.

Non-government schools submit a student's school assessment scores on the 'Part B - school section' sent with the email confirming submission of the application. Apply for an exemption if private schools are unwilling to provide scores and will not sign and stamp the form.

Non-government school applicants

Non-government school applicants complete the online application form, including whether they consent for the current school principal to be consulted about matters such as school assessment scores or special test provisions.

  • Give the non-government school principal a copy of the application confirmation and 'Part B – school section'. The principal should provide scores for English and mathematics, sign and stamp the form and return it to the High Performing Students Unit by 6 December 2016 (for 2018 entry).
    • If the school is unwilling to provide assessment scores – ask the principal to sign the declaration.
    • Apply for an exemption if the principal is unwilling to sign 'Part B – school section'.


Applicants should make a 'Request for formal exemption' when Part B – school section is not submitted or if the principal will neither provide scores nor sign the form. Return the exemption form (PDF 124KB) to the High performing students unit.

  • The selection committee will  generally not grant an exemption to applicants without school assessment scores if other students from the same school have scores.
  • If a formal exemption has been granted, applications will usually be considered on the basis of the Selective High School Placement Test only.

Formal exemption is not required for home schooled, interstate or overseas students who cannot provide school scores from a NSW school in Year 5.

Interstate and overseas applicants

Students temporarily living interstate or overseas unable to sit the Selective High School Placement Test may still apply for Year 7 placement in a NSW selective high school. Applications will be considered by the selection committee through the interstate and overseas procedure or the illness/misadventure procedure. Overseas and interstate schools do not need to supply school assessment scores.

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