Cost centres

Cost centres are used to record and manage costs within certain areas of responsibility. The Educational Delivery cost centre is the only mandatory cost centre required by schools.

Additional cost centres can be requested and should be limited to the number required by the school for effective financial management. An approved list of available cost centres is provided in the links at the bottom of this page.

When a cost centre is created in SAP it is also created in the eFPT for the budget to be entered.

Internal orders may be used as an alternative of a cost centre to track transactions at a granular level e.g. managing local initiatives/student activities such as excursions or third party programs.

Creation and management of a cost centre can be made by selecting the required 'Request Type' and submitting the Cost Centre Master Maintenance form (CCMMF), accessed via the SAP portal/ Finance/ Forms.

Creating a cost centre

Before submitting a request to create a cost centre, it is important to consider the need and its proposed use within the School Management Plan. Only cost centres on the approved list can be created.

When completing the proposed name and proposed description fields in the CCMMF, the name and description must match exactly the naming convention specified in the cost centre list accessed by the link below. For example, if a new cost centre is required for Teaching and Learning, then the data entered for the 2 relevant fields are:

  • Cost Centre Name: 'xxxx-TEACH&LEARN' (xxxx being your school code). No spaces required.
  • Cost Centre Description: Teaching and Learning.

Deleting a cost centre

A cost centre can only be deleted if NO transactions have ever been posted against it. If a budget has been entered against ANY GL or PL in the cost centre the value must also be removed from the eFPT prior to requesting deletion.

Locking a cost centre

A cost centre can be locked if it is no longer required. Ideally, this request should be considered as part of the new school year planning process.

As part of this process a checklist has been created and the following actions must be considered prior to placing a request to lock a cost centre:

  1. All shopping carts and confirmation of goods/receipts have been finalised for the cost centre
  2. There is no Cash Desk fee mapping in ebs:central to the cost centre
  3. Identify if there are transactions in the cost centre for the current financial year. If there are transactions, a decision must be made by the school to determine if:
    1. Transactions are to remain in the cost centre to be reported on at the end of the financial year or
    2. Transactions are to be reported against another cost centre. In this case a journal is required to be processed to transfer the value to another cost centre in use.
  4. There are no values entered as budgets in the eFPT against the cost centre. If a budget amount has been entered this must be removed before the cost centre can be locked.
  5. There are no Assets associated to the cost centre. If there are assets mapped they need to be transferred to an alternate cost centre.

The check list and support material is provided in the link below to assistance schools in their decision making.

Once the checklist has been actioned, the Cost Centre Master Maintenance form is completed for processing. An incomplete or incorrect form will be returned to the school with an explanation in the comments section for the school to action prior to resubmitting for approval.

Source Material

Quick reference guide - How to request to create a cost centre (PDF 1450.87KB).

Cost centre in alpha order for schools (PDF 59.23KB).

Cost centre in numeric order for schools (PDF 123.21KB)

Locking a cost centre support material

Locking a cost centre to review Assets (PDF 1534KB)

Locking a cost centre checklist (PDF 161KB)

Please note: Once printed these documents are no longer considered current. Refer to Schools Finance intranet site for current document versions.

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