This page is being developed to assist schools with purchasing and managing assets in the SAP Finance system.

There are two types of asset purchase which require a WBS element to be used in SAP. These are:

  • Purchased assets (CSA)
    CSA – Capital School Assets are purchases of plant and equipment greater than or equal to $10,000 GST exclusive. Examples are a bus or photocopier.
    CSAs have been created for all schools and are reusable. The type of CSA used is derived from the source of funding.
    CSA/XXXX00–10 – 6510 Consolidated Fund Capital and
    CSA/XXXX00–30 – 6700 School and Community Capital.
  • Constructed assets (CSP)
    CSP – Capital School Project are constructions of a single trade, approved by AMU, less than $30,000 GST inclusive. Examples are a playground or kitchen refurbishment.
    CSPs are requested to be created by completing a Project Master Maintenance form. This requires approvals and sign offs by a Director, Asset Management and the school principal and must be submitted along with the request.

QRG: Create project and wbs for construction asset and QRG: Generate a WBS Element Overview Report - these QRG's appears at the bottom of the list of support material.

Assets and their costs are posted to a WBS element when purchasing through a shopping cart.

The following documents for SAP schools are available for viewing and downloading:

Please note: Once printed these documents are no longer considered current. Refer to Schools Finance intranet site for current document versions.

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