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This is an automated SAP process. The key feature of Quickmatch is to match the posting onto the customer account and clear the bank payment against the supplied customer invoice/s.


Quickstream is the access point for school users to perform administration tasks such as creating users, searching for payments and to run reports, used with POP.


QuickWeb is the access point for payers to use when making payments. The link to QuickWeb will be from the school’s website, used with POP.

QRG Quick Reference Guide (training material)

A QRG is a concise bundling of information and can typically be in the form of a step-by-step guide to completing common transactions or activities. It can supplement a training course for a particular aspect of a system eg Purchase to Pay in Schools Finance or Attendance in Student Management.


The process of getting a written price for a particular job or other proposed purchase. A quotation is binding in law.

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