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A web-based library system which enables access to online resources, catering for both online resources and physical resources providing reporting on resource usage. It uses Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) for cataloguing.


Online Management of School Enrolments and Entitlements

One-off funding

Money provided by an organisation or government for a particular purpose with no expectation of any further funding being available.

Open item

Unpaid item or unapplied credit.

Open order

A released purchase order sent to the vendor but goods or services not yet received by the school.

Operational entity code

Every school has an allocated four digit number (school code) that is used by the bank to identify it within SAP (eg  8232 = Chatswood High School).  This code is also utilised to identify the school and for report generation from SAP.

Operational expenditure (OPEX

Operational expenditure (OPEX) relates to the purchase of goods and services required to effectively run a school. Examples: Maintenance, office supplies, travel expenses.  This excludes salary related payments.

Organisational structure

Organisational structure determines the roles and responsibilities within a department or school. This structure is designed to control and coordinate the information flows between different levels of management/school.

Overseas draft

A cheque to be presented at a foreign bank in the country specified.

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