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Under the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983, certain positions/roles have the authority to incur expenses. M023 is a document detailing which positions have this authority, and the monetary limit of that position.

Master data

The concept of creating information one time and sharing the information between users in an SAP solution. Master data can be created for customer information (customer master data), vendor information (vendor master data), and financial accounts (general ledger master data).

The information normally remains the same over a long period of time.

Master data can contain information that is needed often and in the same form.


  • The master data of a cost centre contains the name of the cost centre, the person responsible for the cost centre and the corresponding hierarchy.
  • The master data of a vendor contains the name, address, and bank information for the vendor.
  • The master data of a user in the SAP System contains the user's authorisations in the system, the name of their default printer, their start transaction and other information.

Master data management (MDM)

Refers to the handling of master data. This may include customer, vendor (supplier), cost centres and WBS elements. Note: Shared Services Centre only manages 'transactional' master data such as customer and vendors. Corporate Finance manages all other types of master data such as general ledgers.

Master data record

Master data is held in a master data record.

Matching process

An automated process which runs daily and compares all financial transactions entered into the system within the general ledger accounts for your profit centre. (This may also be manually completed).


The Minister for Education of the State of New South Wales is an elected member of parliament.

Mobile device

A portable device (other than a desktop) that can be used to connect to an ICT system. Examples include mobile phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Money order (MO)

Australia Post money orders are a trusted and secure alternative to personal or bank cheques for making payments within Australia.

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