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Indirect costs

A cost that cannot be directly attributed to an activity or the delivery or output, program or project (for example, costs associated with employees providing administrative services across an organisation).


An incident is any event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes, or may cause, an interruption to, or a reduction in the quality of that service.

Incident reports

A method of reporting the details of an event or occurrence which has resulted in harm to students/staff/parents/carers/property.

Incident resolution time

The time elapsed from the receipt of a call providing notification of the incident until service is restored and/or call is resolved to caller satisfaction.


Any money received for the general purpose of running the school.

Income tax exempt charities (ITEC)

Charitable, not-for-profit organisations associated with education may apply to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to be exempt from paying income tax.

Input tax

GST component applicable to some sales and purchases.


A device or program enabling a user to communicate with a computer/computer program.

Interchange fee

A fee paid to a bank or other institution that issues cards eg MasterCard/ VisaCard. The amount of the fee depends on the type of card, where the card was issued, how the transaction was processed, card product type eg premium or business card or the merchant industry type eg Merchant Category Code.

Internal orders

Internal orders are used for identifying and managing ongoing costs within a cost centre where there is a requirement for further granularity of information eg  local activities/excursions, third party funding and school operated projects

Examples of internal orders are excursions, local activities, local funding, third party funding.

There are two types of internal orders:

  • statistical internal orders: allows the tracking of revenue and expenditure against particular excursions/activities.
  • real internal orders: used for collecting money on behalf of a third party eg  charity.


A list of goods, other than property and services, held for sale or consumption in the ordinary course of providing goods or services.


A detailed list, received from a supplier (vendor) of goods shipped or services rendered, with an account of all costs must include date, ABN and name of company.

Invoice receipt

This is the process of receiving the invoice and registering it on the system.


Information technology is a general term that covers all forms of technology used to create, store, exchange, and use information in various forms.


Information Technology Directorate

Itinerant teacher

The itinerant support teacher (early intervention) position is a resource which provides support to young children, families and personnel in prior to school settings and schools.

The service is available for children with disabilities or significant difficulties in learning or behaviour in the year prior to school and the year following school entry eg behaviour, hearing, vision.

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