Statewide internal order for COVID-19 related costs in schools

Department of Education

02 April 2020

COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, a financial impact on schools.

The following statewide internal order number has been created to capture and identify operating costs related to COVID-19:

  • Use 2004000460 COVID-19 Schools (SAP company code 1060)

Managing COVID-19 related costs in schools

When processing COVID-19 related transactions in SAP, including casual relief costs to cover teachers or other school staff on special leave and cancellation costs of events and excursions, use the internal order number with:

  • Fund Code 6100;
  • the relevant General Ledger account;
  • the Educational Delivery cost centre; and
  • the relevant Tax Code.

This will enable these transactions to go through their regular workflows and approvals.

It is important to note that only actual costs incurred can be captured by the internal order. Items such as revenues not being realised, such as lost revenue as a result of a cancelled fete, are not to be captured by the internal order.

What if your school has already incurred COVID-19 related costs?

If your school has already incurred and posted COVID-19 related expenses in SAP, you can reallocate these costs by posting a journal using the COVID-19 schools internal order number with the relevant General Ledger account and cost centre.

How will your school be reimbursed?

The internal order will enable all COVID-19 related costs to be easily identified. The amounts and processes for reimbursement of COVID-19 related costs have not yet been finalised.

Self-service support for SAP Finance, including quick reference guides, is available on the EDConnect website. If you can’t find an answer, call us on 1300 32 32 32 (option 1 option 4) or, if not urgent, log an online query.

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