Managing COVID-19 related costs in Term 2

Department of Education

27 April 2020

During Term 2, schools should continue to process additional operating costs as a result of COVID-19 using the statewide internal order number: 2004000460 COVID-19 Schools.

What additional costs can the COVID-19 Schools internal order number be used for?

This internal order can be used for additional operating costs, incurred as a result of COVID-19 such as:

  • casual relief costs to cover teachers or other school staff on special leave
  • cancellation costs of events and excursions
  • costs to support learning from home including teachers’ resources, additional technology, equipment, additional resources for students (e.g. more home readers) and office supplies

How are COVID-19 related costs reflected against funded programs?

Please allocate all additional operating costs as a result of COVID-19 to the internal order regardless of the funding source. Once all COVID-19 expenses have been identified, a journal can be processed to reflect the expenditure against the funded program area, such as RAM Equity.

COVID-19 costs and eFPT plans

Once actuals are available in the eFPT in early Term 2, the reallocation or reduction of existing plans can be completed to reflect the expenses allocated to the COVID-19 internal order.

Term 2 COVID-19 related salary costs

You can allocate any COVID-19 related temporary and casual salary costs directly to the COVID-19 internal order by using the WBS IO Solution. See the Allocate Salaries page on the EDConnect website for more information.

Alternatively, you can use journals to manually reallocate these salary costs. To track COVID-19 casual salary costs, use Reason Code 22 in the CATS timesheet. These costs will then display under Premium ID 1400 in the SAP Employee Level Salary Cost Report to assist with the journaling process.

If you require further support call EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 (option 1, then 4) or, if not urgent, log an online query.

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