Impact of SAS staff award increase on 2020 eFPT and funding

Department of Education

06 February 2020

As a result of the increase to the SAS staff award, effective from 1 July 2019, a number of steps have been taken to support school budgeting. We have tried to minimise what is required by schools.

What you need to do

Until the eFPT standard rates for SAS staff have been updated to reflect the 2019 pay rise decision, allow an additional 11% to reflect the new 2020 standard rates for flexible and integration funding.

For More information

Flexible funding

See Salary Support for the 2020 rates to help with this calculation.

Integration funding

The 2020 Integration funding support allocation communicated in December 2019 reflects the new 2020 SASS pay rate.

What we've done so far

The SAS staff pay adjustment resulting from the new Award agreement was posted on 14 November 2019. As a result:

For What we've done

Permanent and temporary SASS

BW reports adjustments were made to schools BW reports to retain the original 2019 standard rate.

This was to ensure there was no negative budget impact for schools in 2019.

Casual SASS

Budget adjustments were provided to schools in December 2019 and January 2020 to compensate for the additional back pay for casual SASS employees in 2019.

These adjustments are visible in the eFPT Allocation Detail Report in SAP.

School & Community and casuals

The School & Community and actual daily casual rates for the 2020 calendar year are already reflecting correctly in the eFPT.

2020 SASS Entitlement allocation and standard rate

We will make a budget adjustment by week 5 of Term 1 and eFPT will be updated at the same time to reflect these rates.

2020 Planned School Budget Allocation Report

Due to the timing of the SASS Award approval, the 2020 Planned School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) was based on the standard rates for applicable SASS employees before the pay rise decision. The eFPT currently holds the same rates.

See the Enterprise Financial Planning Tool (eFPT) page for help with planning staffing and operational expenses in detail.

If you need further support, help or advice contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 (option 1, 4) or, if not urgent, log an online query.

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