2020 Opening Balances

Department of Education

29 January 2020

The opening balances for the 2020 calendar year are now available in your BW reports. These are visible in column 'A' of the Summary by Fund view in the Schools Overview Report.

Fund 6100

As the tracking of funded programs against a 6100 WBS is now optional, there are no opening balances displayed for these funded programs in 2020. Any remaining 2019 balances have been carried forward in the Fund 6100 opening balance against '#Not Assigned'.

If ongoing tracking of remaining 2019 funded program balances in Fund 6100 is required in 2020 then this value can be added to the 2020 funded program expenditure plan within the eFPT. These 2019 values are available by running the Schools Overview Report for the Calendar month 12.2019 and are displayed in the Funds Available balance in column 'F'. For more information, see the WBS with remaining balances - QRG

Fund 6200

Please note Fund 6200 opening balances are still aligned to the allocated funded programs as in previous years. As a result, the tracking of costs against the relevant WBS funded program is still required.

Further assistance is available by contacting EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 option 1, option 4.

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