Salary cost allocation reload into SAP BW – now complete

Department of Education

21 October 2019

The scheduled SAP BW salary cost allocation reload and validation has been completed.

The SAP Employee Level Salary Cost Report (SELSCR) and Schools Overview Report (SOR) are now available for review.

As a result of the salary cost allocation reload the following SAP BW reporting issues have been corrected:

  1. Miscellaneous salary cost for employees
  2. Community Liaison Officer salary cost for employees
  3. Tutor salary cost for employees
  4. WBSIO issue where a school could see other schools cost centres
  5. WBSIO Higher Duty allowance included substantive position costs charged to funded programs
  6. WBSIO duplication of salary allocation to funded programs/internal orders
  7. Higher Duty costs being charged to schools during vacation periods
  8. Accrual vacation discrepancy

The impact of the salary cost allocation reload may have resulted in changes to values within your SAP BW reports including SOR and SELSCR.

Schools have been advised that from Term 4 2019, tracking costs against a fund 6100 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) funded program is now optional. As a result, further reallocation of salary costs may not be required. Schools should consider this change before processing journals to align salary costs to WBS funded programs.

Further detailed communications to support this change is provided in SchoolBiz, issue Week 2 Term 4 published Friday 18 October.

To support this approach, changes have been made to the consumption calculation for fund 6100 from the month of October 2019 onwards. The consumption calculation will be applied to the total fund 6100 balance, which will include 6100 funded program WBS balances. This change will ensure where a positive total fund balance is held in fund 6100 there will be no impact due to the consumption rule. Please note due to the salary cost allocation reload September 2019 Consumption was not applied to fund balances in the SOR.

If you require further assistance please contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 option 1, option 4.

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