Travel and Expenses for Itinerant Teachers and School Counsellors

Department of Education

14 May 2019

With the release of SAP HR, a user guide was developed to outline the total process for the above teachers with regard to their travel.

This user guide can be found at Employee Self Services (ESS) - Travel and Expenses - Itinerant Travellers. Included in the document was reference to a State Internal Order number which was established for the above staff who incur costs with regard to travel associated with their key functions of supporting students. This Internal Order was created as a formula at that time could not be established per itinerant to allow a budget adjustment to be given to the relevant schools. It was decided to retain the budget in School Services Directorate and allow those Itinerants and School Counsellors who have travel claims, to be initially paid by the school and reimbursed by School Services Directorate. The types of travel considered for reimbursements include:

1) Use of private motor vehicle on official business and claiming for mileage associated with its use
2) Reimbursements for rail and or bus fares associated with their role
3) Reimbursements for accommodation and meal costs which is necessary again in direct relation to the service provided by an Itinerant teacher and or School Counsellor.

School Services Directorate has found, in reviewing transactions posted to the State Internal Order 2004000340, that there has been transactions for Principals PCard expenses, professional learning costs, and accommodation in other states, catering, consumables, stores and other miscellaneous transactions. The budget which has been provided and managed by School Services Directorate was only ever provided to reimburse costs as per examples 1-3 above.

It is the intention by School Services Directorate to ensure that valid claims are reimbursed to schools at the beginning of each month via journal. However from 9 May 2019, any transactions of the types mentioned in the above paragraph that are outside of the parameters of the budget will be reversed. Should the school wish to query a reversal based on that it is compliant with points 1-3 above then a request and supporting documentation should be attached and emailed to requesting a review.

In the instances where an Itinerant and or School Counsellor has not included the state internal order number in their claims and the costs have been met from the school, the school can process a journal to align the Itinerant and or School Counsellors costs to the internal order directly. Supporting documentation can be attached to the journal and the staff members name can be referenced in the transaction line. Once the journal has occurred and the costs then matched to the state internal order number, reimbursements to the school will occur.

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