Important Reminder STI/RCTI June 2019

Department of Education

26 June 2019

IMPORTANT REMINDER - JUNE 2019 - Unallocated Schools Direct Debit - Sundry Tax Invoices/Recipient Created Tax Invoice (STI/RCTI) transactions (GL 500030).

Schools will have received a STI/RCTI statement dated 24 June 2019 and the date the department is scheduled to post transactions is 22 July 2019 (2019/2020 financial year).

This statement MUST NOT be processed prior to 22 July 2019 when the direct debit will occur.

If a school has processed the June STI/RCTI leading up to the End of Financial Year 30 June then a reversal is required as the balance of the Clearing Account GL 500030 will not report a NIL balance for the current school year i.e. January to June 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recognised that schools may have processed Sundry Tax Invoices issued in 2018 during the 2019 calendar year. In these cases, the clearing account will not report a NIL balance. Do not make any adjustments in this instance. In addition, schools are not required to clear Sundry Tax Invoices and RCTI transactions from prior years.

Follow this link Schools Direct Debit - STI/RCTI (PDF 191KB) transactions (GL 500030) for further information on processing.

If the June 2019 STI has been processed which is due to be directly debited on the 22 July 2019 assistance may be required to process the reversal and, in this case please log an incident with EDConnect, contact number 1300 32 32 32.

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