eFPT - Create 2020 Plan

Department of Education

23 October 2019

Schools are now able to start their 2020 plan in eFPT.

Please refer to QRG Create a Plan for a New School Year.

All other QRGs which may assist with your planning can be found on EDConnect's eFPT Help and Support page.

The tracking against a 6100 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) funded program is now optional for both salary and operational costs.

It is no longer mandatory to track costs through the Work Breakdown Structure Internal Order (WBS IO) Solution.

To assist principals in making informed decisions, detailed communication has now been issued via SchoolBiz.

Please join our live WBS IO Adobe Connect Session(s) each Wednesday 10am to 11am during Weeks 2, 3 and 4 for help with common issues raised. Learning summaries from these sessions will also be posted after each event.

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