School Voluntary Contributions

Department of Education

08 November 2018

While the Education Reform Act 1990 states that Government school education is to be free of charge, schools have the ability to raise funds to supplement departmental allocations to enable their educational and sporting programs to be initiated, maintained or enhanced.

Schools are reminded that the collection of parental contributions is governed by the Department’s Voluntary Contributions Policy and the associated Code of Practice, available at this link

The Principal in consultation with the school community determines the level of voluntary school contributions requested each year. The policy prohibits any discrimination against students for non-payment of voluntary contributions.

In addition to voluntary school contributions, schools are able to seek subject specific contributions from parents if students elect to undertake programs over and above the minimum requirements of the curriculum. The level of subject contributions will vary between subjects and is also determined by the Principal in consultation with the school community.

School Voluntary Contributions for 2019

School voluntary contribution levels will again be capped in 2019. Those schools which, in 2018, set their voluntary contributions at or below the earlier assessed statewide averages of $103 for secondary schools and $48 for primary schools are permitted to increase contribution levels to no more than $106 and $49 respectively. All other schools are permitted to increase their voluntary contributions by a maximum of 2.5% on 2018 levels.

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