November 2018 Consumption Update

Department of Education

03 December 2018

This decision will not affect consumption adjustments for capital funds, balances against Fund 6510 and 6700 for November will be adjusted as expected.

The salary posting for 29 November 2018 is expected to be visible within the SAP BW reporting, Schools Overview Report and SAP Employee Level Salary Cost Report, by Tuesday 4th December.

Journals to align salary costs to the required Funded Programs must be completed by schools to ensure consumption adjustments are applied only to the schools with overspent funds. These journals may be processed using anticipated salary costs for the remaining year’s salaries if required.

Consumption will be applied to any negative Not Assigned 6100 and 6300 fund balances as at 31 December 2018. Schools should ensure all salary journaling has been completed by this date.

A review of Fund and Funded Program available balances, will ensure the correct consumption adjustment is applied in December and the 2019 rolled forward values are accurate.

Further details on Consumption and Funded Program balances are available on the Schools Finance Website – News Feed.

These articles include:

  •  Consumption Rule Presentation
  •  Funded Program Balances review
  •  Consumption adjustment at 30 November 2018

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