Managing internal order balances for the new financial year

Department of Education

12 October 2018

When an internal order balance is required to be tracked across multiple years the previous year end balances can be entered into the eFPT tool as an expenditure budget for tracking purposes in the new financial year.

The Schools Overview Report can be filtered to determine the year end closing balance of an internal order. In the Internal Order view right click on the name of the required internal order and ‘’Goto’ the Actual Detail Report. This report will provide the Funds Received and Funds Consumed values against this internal order since the initial creation in SAP. A simple calculation of funds received minus funds consumed will give the actual internal order balance. Care should be taken to ensure the correct internal order balance is calculated especially where journals have been performed to bring internal order balances forward from previous years.

Once this figure has been calculated it may be entered against the relevant expenditure GLs in the eFPT tool as an expense budget for the internal order together with any anticipated income and expenditure for the new financial year. These budgeted values will appear in the Internal Order view of the Schools Overview report in the ‘Net Budget Full Year’ column.

If schools have any concerns as to the internal order value displayed within Schools Overview Report please contact Schools Finance via EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 for support.

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