Changes to DE International student program funding November 2018

Department of Education

21 November 2018

The main changes are:

  1. Funds will no longer be managed through Fees in Advance
  2. A newly established general ledger account, GL 420103 – International Students revenue transfer offset, has been created for school funding to be directly allocated.

The change to the process of managing the identified student portion of DE International funding is necessary so that these funds are not inflating DoE accounts and providing misleading information.

When identifying the student portion of accounts, schools will no longer be able move the total amount into Fees In Advance.

A brief outline of the new process is as follows:

  1. After identifying the amount per student, receipt the international student funds against outstanding enrolment or sundry fees on the ebs:central cash desk as a Not For Banking. If there are student funds remaining, further receipting can be carried out as fees are established with the residual balance.
  2. To determine the balance remaining from the student portion of the funding a report can be accessed through the ebs reporting cradle. The report will capture all DE International receipts processed to students which allows a balance to be determined at a point in time. This step by step process is contained within the QRG – How to manage funds – DE International – International students program

For further support or information on this process please contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32, referencing ‘DE International’ in the enquiry line.

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