CEPS code change requests

Department of Education

26 November 2018

If a school identifies a salary cost has been allocated to the incorrect CEPS code, a journal can be processed to reallocate these salary costs if required.  These journals should only be processed when there is an effect on the Fund or Funded Program balances. For example if an SLSO has been employed using CEPS code 022 instead of 034, to align the salary costs to Integration Funding Support - WBS RSP60 a journal would be required. However if a CEPS code 080 for Long Service Leave has been used and the leave has changed to sick leave being CEPS code 042 then no journal is required as both these salary costs are allocated to the same Fund of 6100 and Cost Centre 301 HR Staffing.

Schools should only use the GL 500101 Salary Transfer Teacher or GL 500102 Salary Transfer Non-Teaching, depending on the employees classification, when processing these journals. The Employee Level Salary Cost report can be used to identify these costs and this report data should accompany any journals processed as an audit requirement. For further details refer to QRG How to create a journal entry to reallocate salary costs.

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