2018 Budget adjustments - previously referred to as Fund allocation other than RAM

Department of Education

30 April 2018

In 2018 this type of funding will be provided as a Budget Adjustment to GL 489010 or as a credit on the school?s Sundry Tax Invoice. For processing of the credits in a Sundry Tax Invoice refer to the QRG How to create a journal entry for a sundry tax / recipient created tax invoice (CRTI) statement of account.

The Budget Adjustment amounts are visible in the Schools Overview Report in the Funds Allocation Column. Documentation will be emailed to schools to provide breakdown details of these budget adjustment amounts as in the example below:

Example of letter
Image: Example of letter.

To display the allocation right click on the dollar value in the Funds Allocation column and using the 'Goto' functionality for the 'Funds Allocation Detail Report' as per image below.

Funds Allocation Detail Report
Image: Funds Allocation Detail Report.

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