Making 'Swift' changes to your finance and banking procedures

Department of Education

14 February 2019

Changes include:

Cancelled and adjusted fees report – the Blank report

The Cancelled and adjusted fees report is now run monthly.

Note: You should have received your first and second monthly reports for 2019 via email on 1 January and 1 February.

End of day reports

You can now:

  • Print the revised Banking Coversheet
  • Print only one copy of the Bank Deposit Sheet
  • Print and store a copy of the Live Summary (Cash Register Contents) report with your daily banking documentation. Note: You do not need to print and store a copy of the Live Detailed (Cash Register Management) report.

Streamlined banking practices

We are streamlining banking practices to make it easier for you. We have developed best practices and Banking discrepancy checklist to help you.

See the Streamlined banking processes on the SAP Finance website for more information.

(Contributor: EDConnect)

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