Intercompany journal report

Department of Education

21 August 2019

Intercompany journals are used by Corporate to reimburse or recoup funds from schools. These transactions are posted directly to a general ledger relevant to the allocation. For example Temporary Resident Program Fund Global Fund using GL 420103 Int'l Stud Rev Tnsf.

By using the Schools Overview Report you are able to identify these transactions received by the school.

Right click on the Result figure, on either the Funds Received or Funds Consumed column in the Summary by Fund view - Goto - Intercompany Journal Report.

Summary by fund
Image: Summary by fund.

The Intercompany Journal report provides details of the allocation in the 'Item Text' column. The 'Document Header Text' field contains details of the Business Unit provider. The 'Reference' and 'Line Item (GL view)' fields may be added to the report from the 'Filters' option to assist the Business Unit with a school enquiry if required.

Intercompany journal report
Image: Intercompany journal report.

The Schools Overview Report QRG has been updated to provide step by step instructions on the Intercompany Journal Report available at the following link .

Schools Overview Report (PDF 3.47MB).

A Frequently Asked Question (PDF 122KB) (FAQ) document has also been provided to answer some common questions in relation to intercompany journals.

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