Casual Salary Costs

Department of Education

27 February 2019

Individual daily casual salary costs are now visible in the SAP Employee Level Cost Report (SAPELSCR) from the posting date 24 January 2019, being Pay Period 15. To display this daily salary charge add the Filter option 'Effective Payroll Date' as a column to the reporting data. Instructional support on the SAPELSCR is located under Document/QRGs at the following link: SAPELSCR - How Do I Guide.

If daily casual staff costs for the 2018 period are required these are available in the interim reports provided on the SAP HR Project Support Portal. Journals relating to the reallocation of 2018 salaries can be processed using the GLs 500101 (teaching) or 500102 (non-teaching) and the 101 Educational Delivery cost centre in both transaction lines.

Schools are reminded that from the start of the 2019 year no manual salary journaling is required as the WBS IO solution will be used to allocate 2019 salary costs. Due to this implementation of the WBS IO solution in all schools, the SAP Employee Level Salary Cost Report and the Schools Overview Report will not display salary posting to WBS or IO until Term 2, 2019.

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