Financial planning calendar

Schools Finance has developed a planning calendar to assist schools with scheduling their financial tasks. The calendar shows regular weekly and monthly tasks. Please ensure that you review the calendar to assist you in keeping up to date with tasks.

School Financial Planning Calendar

How to use this calendar

You can view the calendar in weekly, monthly or agenda formats. To change the format click on the tab at the top of the calendar.

If you wish to print the calendar it is suggested that you use the agenda format.

When you select a task by clicking onto it, the calendar will link you through to further information or link to Quick Reference Guide's (QRG).

If you use Outlook Office, not the Outlook Web App available on your portal, you can upload the calendar to your Outlook calendar for easy reference.

Refer to: Adding the Financial planning calendar to Outlook.

Ongoing tasks

Ongoing tasks not added to the calendar include:

Annual tasks

Handy links

Key to abbreviations

  • ELSC - SAP Employee Level Salary Cost
  • STI/RCTI - Sundry Tax Invoice/Recipient Created Tax Invoice
  • SOCTS - School Operated Canteen Trading Statement

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