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As per current SBAR guidelines, the allocation of funding for staffing is provided on the basis of anticipated/actual enrolment and entitlement reports and can only be used for staffing.


Actual transactions in the eFPT reports pull from the same source as the Schools overview report and plans pull directly from eFPT. 


In the reports section of eFPT, figures will reconcile with the Schools overview report so long as you have filtered on the same month in both reports.


“Opex” is short for Operational expenditure.

Operational expenditure includes all transactions other than staffing and capex (as defined below). Opex also includes any revenue a school has received. The revenue has the effect of reducing overall expenditure.


“Capex” is short for Capital expenditure.

Capital expenditure includes purchases of individual assets from 6510 (recurrent school capital) or 6700 (school & community sources capital) fund codes. These purchases should be for assets over $10,000 ex GST. 


A warning is displayed at a 5% variance and then again when the variance reaches 20%, eFPT will not remove the first warning.

e.g. underplanned by 5% and underplanned by 20%


There are two printer icons on the school report landing page.

The top right hand corner icon will print all the information on the page.

The icon on the right / middle of the page will print the graph only.


Currently eFPT does not allow for budgeting to a particular month.

All non-staffing plans are spread evenly over 12 months.


The capex bullet chart is different to the staffing and opex bullet charts in that it only shows the full year plan below the line (not year to date plan as shown on the staffing and opex charts). Also any future year capex plans are shown to the right of the bullet chart.


Only schools using

6700 – School and Community Sources – Capital


6510 – Recurrent – School Capital

will display these fund codes.


Schools don’t have an opening balance or allocation against capex fund codes (6510 and 6700).

Any expenditure plans created will appear in red in the unplanned funds column on the eFPT Overview page.

Schools must leave enough unplanned funds in 6100 and/or 6300 to compensate for the over plan in 6510 and/or 6700 fund code. 

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