Student voice, participation and leadership

The resources on these pages can be used to promote active student voice in the classroom, school and community. These practical tools, strategies and case studies are designed to help schools find the right balance between teacher-centred and student-led teaching approaches.

What is student voice?

Student voice is students actively participating in decision-making at school on things which shape their educational experiences.

Student voice is more than just students 'having a say' and 'being heard'. To be successful, schools must value the perspectives and opinions of students and act on them in a way that genuinely shapes learning and decision-making at the school.

Including student voice in decision making at schools can:

  • allow students and teacher to design solutions together
  • increase engagement in learning
  • build connections and belonging
  • create a positive environment and culture
  • develop personal and social capabilities.

Video – Why students should have a voice in their learning

Duration – 0:46

Learn why students should have a voice in their learning.


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