Vocational education and training advice

Information for secondary students affected by NSW storms and floods and studying VET.

How will I know if there are changes to my scheduled externally delivered VET (EVET) class?

Your training provider will attempt to notify you directly of any changes. You should check your emails (including junk and spam mailboxes) and your phone for messages from your training provider. If you are not sure about whether your classes will operate talk to the EVET contact person at your school.

What happens if my school delivered VET class has been interrupted by NSW storms and floods? What should I do?

Depending upon the situation schools may need to help you to access learning remotely, reschedule practical classes and assessments and, in some cases, identify and support you in accessing alternate training locations. If you have any concerns regarding the continuity of your learning, you should raise the matter with your classroom teacher. If you intend on undertaking the HSC exam for your VET course this year, you can revise for your exam using the resources available on the HSC Hub.

What is happening about work placements in storm and flood-affected areas?

Work placement service providers will be contacting schools to provide updates on arranged work placements and strategies to support schools and students affected by NSW storms and floods.

How will schools know if there are changes to scheduled EVET classes and what should they do?

Training providers will contact schools directly if there are changes to scheduled classes. If a school receives notice of a change to delivery arrangements from a training provider, the school is to pass on the message to affected students, check that they understand the message, and provide support where needed.

What advice is there for school-based apprentices and trainees (SBATs), their training providers and employers?

Information to support storm and flood-affected SBATs, their training providers and employers can be found here – Training Services NSW storms and floods updates and FAQs.


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