Vocational High Schools Program

Purpose-built facilities for delivering vocational education and training (VET) that facilitates pathways to further education, training, and employment.

Artist impression of VET facilities at Seven Hills High School Artist impression of VET facilities at Seven Hills High School
Image: Artist impression of VET facilities at Seven Hills High School

The Vocational High Schools Program combines purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities with quality, in-school VET to enhance pathways for secondary students.

Currently being piloted in Seven Hills High School (Western Sydney), the Vocational High Schools Program is aligned with the specific needs of each school’s local job market and employment landscape.

Pillars of the Vocational High Schools Program

Comprehensive course selection and dual certification

The VET courses delivered as part of the Vocational High Schools Program are aligned to local industry needs and taught by qualified VET teachers and highly skilled TAFE NSW trainers. All courses provide students with credit towards their school qualification and a nationally-recognised VET certification.

Contemporary infrastructure reflecting the real-world

The facilities mirror real world workplaces to provide students with hands-on, immersive learning experiences that equip them for immediate employment post-school or further study. Each facility is designed to cater to industry-linked VET courses, with industry standard equipment and supplies.

Bridging classroom learning and industry demands

Industry-school collaboration enhances students' career pathways by aligning their skills with industry needs. Each Vocational High Schools Program school has a dedicated Industry Liaison Officer to forge local industry pathways for students. This knowledge exchange between teachers and industry professionals also enriches the learning experience and ensures courses meet employment demands.

Extending opportunities to surrounding government schools

The Vocational High Schools Program VET courses are available for students from local secondary public schools. This shared model means these enhanced vocational education and collaborative learning experiences can be enjoyed by the broader community.

Contact us

For enquiries about the Vocational High Schools Program, contact:

Steve Montgomery, Program lead

E: stephen.a.montgomery@det.nsw.edu.au

M: 0438 647 575


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