Integration Funding Support

The Integration Funding Support program helps schools to support students attending mainstream classes who have moderate to high learning and support needs as defined by the department.

Students who have Integration Funding Support (IFS) and were in Year 6, were previously required to complete Access Requests to receive funding for their transition to Year 7.

From Term 2, 2019 we introduced automatic transition of IFS for students moving from Year 6 to Year 7, without the need for additional paperwork. This represents a more positive experience for families and a significant reduction in administrative for schools.

Following the automatic transition of IFS, students' reviews will take place in Term 2 Year 7 with the new school's learning and support team.

We announced this change in May 2019 and it has received a lot of positive feedback and support across the department.

For more information check out the resources and news story.

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