Process for engaging a provider


Check the description for the organisation to find out what they do and where they operate. Then click on the name of the organisation to see more detailed information about the programs and services that can be provided to schools.


Make contact with one or more service providers to discuss your needs.


Before finalising an engagement with a potential provider, make sure you’ve discussed the needs of your school and agreed on the following:

  • outcomes and expectations
  • frequency and duration of engagement
  • who will be involved e.g. students, parents, teachers
  • cost and payment schedule.


Schools should complete a short order form to describe the essential details of the services to be provided. Both the school and the service provider should sign this order form.

The terms and conditions of any engagement made under the Scheme will be those of the Prequalification Scheme Agreement. All prequalified providers in this scheme have agreed to the terms of this agreement. There is no need for schools and providers to sign this Agreement.

Follow the Working with Children Check policy including requirements for contractors in your school.

Provide feedback

Schools play a vital role in providing feedback on the services received from the provider. Principals or their delegate are encouraged to provide feedback by completing this short survey (link)

The feedback you provide will be de-identified and passed on service providers to help them improve their services to better meet the needs of schools.


  • Student management and wellbeing

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
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