Nutrition at school

Eating well contributes to your child's health and wellbeing and may also have an impact on their school performance.

Food is fuel for our bodies and healthy food provides your child with energy and nutrients to get them through a day of learning, concentration and physical activity.

Schools aim to provide all students and the school community with healthy food and drink options at school activities and programs, guided by the department's Nutrition in Schools policy.

School canteens

NSW public schools and their canteens continuously work towards implementing the NSW Healthy School Canteens Strategy.

A healthy school canteen supports a 'whole of school' approach to student health and wellbeing and reinforces healthy eating messages taught in the classroom.

The Strategy supports a culture of healthy eating in schools by:

  • promoting and increasing student access to healthier foods and drinks
  • decreasing student access to less healthy food and drinks
  • supporting water as a drink of choice
  • making a healthy choice and easy choice.

Bringing your own food

If your child is bringing their own food to school, here are some great tips and recipe ideas:


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  • Nutrition

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