Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi is a puzzle that involves moving discs from one stack to another but it's not as easy as you think. Create a version of the puzzle to play at home.

Things you need

  • Tower of Hanoi puzzle.

The challenge

Step 1

Tower of Hanoi is played using three rods. Three differently sized discs are placed on the first rod, with the biggest disc at the bottom and the smallest disc is at the top.

The object of the game is to move all three discs to the last rod. You can only move the discs one at a time and without ever stacking a larger disc on top of a smaller disc.

Step 2

Talk to your child as you're attempting to solve the puzzle together. You may need to use each other's brains to figure out what move to make next.

Here are some questions to ask your child to support their understanding:

  • "What would happen if...?"
  • "Can you share your thinking with me?"
  • "What other moves could we have made?"

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