Story book spotting

As you read your child a picture book, ask them to identify and describe where certain illustrations are on the page. The language they use to describe where a picture is in relation to another picture helps your child learn about position.

Things you need

  • Your child's favourite picture books.

The challenge

Step 1

Pick one of your child's favourite picture books.

Step 2

As you read through each story, prompt your child to identify and describe the position of things, using words like:

  • between
  • next to
  • beside
  • behind or in front of
  • inside our outside
  • left or right
  • on top or below
  • position.

For example, you might ask them “What colour is the sheep between the red sheep and the purple sheep?”, “What's below the bridge?”, or “Who is next to the dinosaur?”

The conversation

After repeating this activity with your child's other books or a classic like ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, encourage them to draw a map of where the characters went. They can then use this to help re-tell the story to someone else.

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