Scoring kick

Take your child to a park with some soccer or football goalposts. Here, you can take turns kicking goals and testing how the kicker’s distance from the goals makes it easier or harder.

Things you need

  • A local sports ground or park
  • Football of your choice (rugby, AFL or soccer ball).

The challenge

Step 1

Establish what the goals are if they’re not already set up. Then your child takes 5 steps away from the goal and marks their position.

Step 2

Set up the shot and shoot. Your child has 5 kicks from their marker to score as many goals as possible. Keep track of how many goals they scored.

Step 3

Then take 5 steps further away from the goal, put down the marker and repeat step 2.

Step 4

Repeat the steps until they can no longer score a goal. Now swap positions, they’ll be the referee and you’ll be the champion scorer!

The conversation

  • How many steps back did you both make it before you couldn’t score anymore?
  • After you've switched positions, compare the distance of your five steps with your child's. You may want to discuss with them why your first marker was further away from the goal than their marker.

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