Scavenger hunt

Take your child on a fun scavenger hunt by offering clues, encouraging them to think carefully about their position and helping them to develop spatial awareness. Get their friends involved and see who can get to the mystery prize first!

Things you need

  • List of directions
  • Clues
  • Prizes or items to hide around the house.

The challenge

Step 1

Choose a ‘prize’, and hide it somewhere in your home.

Step 2

Create a scavenger hunt using your own clues that are all about being in the right position. In your clues, use words like:

  • clockwise or anti-clockwise
  • full-turn, half-turn or quarter-turn
  • left or right
  • up or down
  • between
  • next to
  • beside
  • behind or in front of
  • inside our outside
  • on top or below, under or beneath.

For example, "Take three steps forward, then turn anti-clockwise", "Look beneath the couch" or "Walk in the opposite direction until you get to a piece of furniture".

The conversation

Get your child’s friends involved or if you have a large family, work in teams to see who can get to the mystery prize first!

Safety tips:

If completing this activity outside remind your child how to stay safe:

  • Always play in the backyard
  • Don’t play in the driveway.

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