Pig (dice game)

This fun dice game from is a great way to explore probability, and improve your child's confidence with addition.

Five dice on a green background Five dice on a green background

Things you need

  • 2+ players
  • 2 dice
  • Pen and paper.

The challenge

Step 1

  • Set a target number, for example 100. The object of the game is to reach this number so make it large for more rounds.

Step 2

Players take turns rolling the two dice as many times as they want within each round. Keep adding up what they've rolled, and keep a running total until they decide to stop. When a player decides to stop, they bank their total by recording their score.

But be careful – if you roll a 1, your turn ends and you get zero for that round.

If you roll a double 1 (this is called 'snake eyes'), your turn ends and your entire banked score goes back to zero.

Step 3

Players take turns swapping rolls after each round, and keeping track of how much they've banked, aiming to be the first person to reach your chosen target number.

The conversation

This game relies on luck. As you're playing, talk with your child about:

  • "Do you think it's certain that I will roll a snake eyes, and lose everything that I've banked?"
  • "I really hope you roll a 1. Do you think it's likely?"
  • "What are some strategies that you are using to help you keep your running total?"
  • "You need 14 more points to get to 100! Can you win in your next go? What would you need to roll? Do you think it's likely that you'll get those numbers?"
  • "If we were to play this game again tomorrow, what would you do differently?"

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