Monopoly money

Monopoly is a great way to help your child understand money, and the strategies to grow and save it! This classic board game is a great way to explore transactions, rent, income, rent, budgeting and negotiation – all while having fun and using maths.

Things you need

  • 2+ players
  • Monopoly (board game).

The challenge

Set up and play a family game of Monopoly.


Get your child to be the banker so they can be in charge of the money. This will give them hands-on experience with handling money coming in and going out of the bank.

The conversation

As you're playing the game, ask your child these questions to get them thinking deeper about how money works:

  • "What decision are you thinking of making here? Should you buy, should you sell?"
  • "I don't have any more $100 notes left. How else can I make $130 - can you help me?"
  • "What set of properties do you want to buy? Do you think you have enough money to pay for them if you land on those places?"
  • "If I got really unlucky and landed on each of your properties on one lap around the board, how much rent would I need to pay you?"
  • "When we play again next time, would you change your strategy? What would you do differently?"

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