Lunchbox packing

Get your child to pack their lunch with you and use this as an opportunity to explore mass.

Things you need

  • Food and drink items for the day.

The challenge

Step 1

Show your child what they would normally have for lunch.

Step 2

Ask your child to hold a food item in each hand to compare their mass to work out which is the lightest. While they're comparing, help them talk about the mass using words like:

  • light, lighter, lightest
  • heavy, heavier, heaviest.

Step 3

Get them to repeat step 2 until they have all the items ordered from lightest to heaviest.

The conversation

Ask your child these questions to support their understanding of mass:

  • "So the mandarin is lighter than the muesli bar? Is it lighter than the sultanas?"
  • "Let's do this activity with your toys/books/balls?"
  • "Are you surprised that the sandwich is lighter than the yoghurt cup, even though the sandwich is bigger?"

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